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If life is what you make it, why not make it Franklin Farms?

We are equal parts wisdom and energy. With inspirations both classic and modern. We help you achieve balance as well as fun. Here's to your good health and great taste.



Franklin Farms. For You. For Real. 





Find your favorites as you Taste a whole new level of culinary creativity. 

Franklin Farms began over 20 years ago on–you guessed it–an actual mushroom farm in Franklin, Connecticut. Since then, we’ve been bringing exciting yet good-for-you meatless meals from field to table. We start with the flavor-forward, high-quality, plant proteins. Then we mix them, splice them, mingle them, and dice them. And we don’t genetically engineer them. We've crafted a range of health-conscious vegetarian products that span day parts, meal types, and taste profiles. From quick bite to sit-down dinner, Franklin Farms makes cooking with and eating plant-based proteins easy and delicious. Grow your plant-based horizons with Franklin Farms.


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